Where You're Meant To Be

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Perhaps the place you are standing is different from the map you sought to follow, and the picture you painted now tells a different story. But trust me when I say, that your journey is unfolding in the most beautiful of ways. May this season be the season where you discover that there is worth in your waiting and grace in your growth. May you choose to fall in love with the process — the moments that are making you and the path that is shaping you. My darling, you are just like a bee — a force of your own nature, destined to forge paths that feed your soul so that all can bloom. Not a moment of your journey is wasted — you will fly and land where you are meant to. You will collect pieces of yourself along the way. You will discover that every petal had a purpose and you were never just waiting, you were infinitely becoming. You are the type of person whose eyes find beauty in the dark so that even the wildflowers may grow. The queen of your own garden, may you always remember the strength of your own wings and the power of your own flight. Honey, you are everything that is gold — you will never miss out on the sweet moments that are made for you, for what is meant