About Us

Hey! I'm Sydney (on the right), my mom Kimbra (on the left) and I own Peacocks & Pearls in Lexington! Deanna (in the middle) is my aunt, my moms sister, and she owns the Peacocks & Pearls in Owensboro. We are an energetic group of ladies bringing you the best in ladies trends.

Peacocks & Pearls women's clothing boutique began in Owensboro, Kentucky and we have expanded to a second store in Lexington (2016)! P&P is a family oriented business and that family atmosphere transfers to our relationships with our customers. Everyone who comes into Peacocks and Pearls experiences the same helpful and welcoming relationship as the next.

At Peacocks and Pearls we focus on providing an exceptional stress free shopping experience by offering guidance with selecting the perfect outfit. We offer a store where 3 generations (grandmother, mother, and daughter) can all enjoy a shopping experience together and find something to please each person. As style goes, we take pride in providing everything from comfortable clothing for running errands, to business attire for the office, to trendy styles for your most special occasions. And at all ends of the spectrum, our styles are quality, unique, and affordable.
We have now added a Men's clothing store to our family, check out jjfosters.com or @j.j.fosters on Instagram!