Sienna Ear Jacket Gold Iridescent Abalone

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“Versatility is the name of the game here, and I promise these ear jackets do not disappoint. In one step, they can go from a sunbeam-inspired statement to a simple yet vibrant stud.” - Kendra

From a bright-colored stud to a shine-worthy statement. Get the best of both worlds with the Sienna Gold Ear Jacket Earrings in Iridescent Abalone – featuring a genuine shell stud and removable, sunbeam ear jacket.


METAL: 14k Gold Plated Over Brass

MATERIAL: Iridescent Abalone

SIZE: 0.37"L x 0.37"W stud, 0.6"L x 0.47"W jacket

CLOSURE: Earpost


Genuine Abalone Shell is sourced from New Zealand and then stripped of much of its color, allowing its unbelievable iridescence to truly show off. Wear to inspire tranquility, protection, and clarity.