Forgive Necklace

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Forgive yourself for the times you fell for the wrong hearts, for the times you held on to souls that were not made for your magic. There is beauty in the way you wear your vulnerability — a soft covering in a hardened world, loving fully and deeply, always uncovering the light that lies beneath others' shadows. Forgive yourself for the nights where you were unable to give your mind peace, for the nights where your worries ran wild beneath your chest. There is courage in the way you heal — a true giver of grace, allowing yourself to feel, letting the aches unravel so that growth can take place. Forgive yourself for the days where you traveled more slowly, for the days where you valued regaining over attaining. There is strength in your stillness — the way you honor your rest, letting it regenerate you for what's next. Extend an olive branch and forgive the inner critic that continues to rise within you — forgive yourself for it all. Hold your soul with gentle hands and breathe compassion into the mistakes you’ve made homes of. May you find strength in your sensitivity, wisdom in your wounds, and friendship in your flaws. Your heart is rare. Your mind is magic. Your greatest power is and will always be your own unconditional love.


Length: 16-20" Adjustable, Built-in Extender
Pendant Dimensions: 33 mm x 9 mm
Materials: Brass
14k Gold (nickel-free)